People Love FM on Cell


Next RadioThey just need to know it’s available, says TagStation, the organization promoting the NextRadio FM on Cell application. In addition to expressing its satisfaction with its team effort with NAB to support the platform, it has a major new benchmark to report.

And the benchmark is: more than 2,000,000 NextRadio app downloads.

11,450 FM stations are now available, and more than 3,625,000 total hours of listening are attributable to NextRadio. It’s four out of five Google Play Store rating continues to hold.

TagStation noted, “Consumers would appreciate an FM option on their smartphones. This, according to the incredible response we’ve gotten to the ads airing on radio stations all over the country letting people know about it.”

TagStation also noted that the promotion push will be repeated immediately. It stated, “Due to the great response, as well as the constructive feedback we received, we’re keeping the ball rolling with your help. A second flight of commercials is currently being scheduled for April through the end of June. The ads themselves have been refreshed with more options that focus on the benefits of an activated smartphone FM radio – the types of ads that have received the best response.”

TagStation is also promoting the application’s benefits on the car dashboard, and will be demonstrating at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.