Pennsylvania sports station to air Nats games


SportsCumulus outlet Sports Radio 96.5 calls Harrisburg its home, and it has also been the local radio home of baseball’s Philadelphia Phillies. But that’s going to change this year.

Negotiations with the Phillies failed to produce results.

So the station is going with an intense Phillies rival, the Washington Nationals, in a one year deal, according to the Washington Post.

The station is an FM translator with decent coverage of the city. It broadcasts with 200 W @ 390’.

The Post notes that Harrisburg is almost equidistant from the two major league cities.

There is a Nats connection already in place, however. The Pennsylvania capital is home to the Nats’ AA minor league team.

Cumulus Media Pennsylvania regional vice president Ron Giovanniello told the Post there was another reason – “Nothing against the Phillies, but clearly the Nationals are a team on the rise,” he said, citing playoff possibilities that just aren’t in the card for the Phillies this year.