Padden Says Farewell To C-band Alliance Advocacy Role


The C-band Alliance was formed by the four satellite operators that provide the vast majority of C-band satellite services in the U.S. — Intelsat, Eutelsat, Telesat and SES.

This same group of satellite operators proposed to the FCC a market-based proposal to clear portions of the C-band spectrum to support the introduction of 5G services in the U.S. The plan would also protect “the valuable satellite-delivered services provided by C-band,” the alliance says.

Until now, Preston Padden has served as the head of advocacy and government relations, following a lengthy career that includes a role as President of the ABC Television Network and as the President of Network Distribution for the FOX Broadcasting Company.

Now, Padden is exiting the Alliance. But, he’ll support the group as a consultant from his home in Colorado.

Geography has much to do with his decision, Padden notes in an e-mailed statement shared with RBR+TVBR on Tuesday.

“Since mid-September I have been in D.C. full time working for the C-Band Alliance – 1661 miles from my home and family in Colorado,” he says. “Because my family and I simply cannot maintain that schedule anymore, and because my position requires a full-time presence in D.C., I have decided to step down from my position, effective today.”

A hand-picked replacement will be named by CEO Bill Tolpegin soon.

Padden continues, “I am 1000% confident that under the leadership of my friend Bill Tolpegin, the CBA will not miss a beat. I remain absolutely committed to this project. I will work with my successor to assure a seamless transition, including the filing of a detailed auction sales and transition plan that finally will silence our critics.”

In Padden’s view, the Alliance’s plan “is the only practical and workable plan to fulfill the twin public interest objectives of repurposing spectrum for 5G wireless while fully protecting existing C-band customers including TV programmers.”