Oregon CP sold to Xana


Veteran Pacific Northwest radio operator Thomas D. Hodgins and partner Chris Jacky have a deal that will give them another stick to nurture in Oregon. The seller is L. Topaz Enterprises Inc., headed by Dale A. Ganske.

The station is KZUO-FM CP, licensed to Union OR. It’s licensed to be constructed as a Class C2 on 103.1 MHz with 3.3 kW @ 1,693’.

The licensee name Hodgins and Jacky are using to acquire the station is Xana Oregon LLC.

The price will be $75K, with $5K plunked into an escrow account and the remainder due in cash at closing. The seller may not be able to keep the entire amount, however – it received a 25% bidding credit to get the CP, a credit which the buyer does not qualify for, and may be returning $2,750 to the FCC.

The station is in unrated territory, and although it will be a standalone, it is at least in the same general area as the buyer’s KZIU-FM Weston OR. The communities are located in the northeast quadrant of the state.