Orbital support for Limbaugh voiced


Rush LimbaughThe word choice made by radio talker Rush Limbaugh regarding Sandra Fluke has been documented, debated, decried and deplored, but at least one media outlet was totally cool with it. However, it is debatable whether the support will do Limbaugh much good in the mainstream court of ideas – it comes from SiriusXM’s Playboy Radio.

Hosts Andrea Lowell and Kevin Klein came out in support of Limbaugh, in large part because they use that kind of language, and the specific word that got Limbaugh in trouble, all the time, according to a WebProNews article.

They said that taking down the nation’s tendency to get uptight about words with sexual connotations was what their guiding light and founding father Hugh Hefner was all about.

The duo also criticized the Los Angeles City Council for passing a resolution asking local broadcasters to take steps to prevent the use of slurs of any kind by their air talent, saying, suggesting it was an attempt to limit freedom of speech. (The resolution was a response to comments about the late Whitney Houston from Ken and John on KFI-AM.)

Hosts on a subscription service such as SiriusXM are not bound by the same indecency strictures as are broadcasters. Nevertheless, we have not seen it suggested anywhere that Limbaugh went over the indecency line in the Fluke incident.


  1. Obviously the author did not hear the broadcast and is regurgitating the nonsense article written by Rich Ord who first made these statements. PB Radio does not support Rush Limbaugh…they were discussing (in a very sarcastic way) the ordinance in Los Angeles and how the words “slut” and “crack hoe” should not be banned.

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