On-the-go consumers drive content, connectivity


NielsenThe mobile consumer is an active player in the viewing ecosystem, taking advantage of mobile content on both smartphones and tablets. In the spectrum of evolving media, nothing is growing faster than the adoption of portable devices and the consumption of content on these devices. The mobile consumer is the driving force behind the growth, consuming video content as well news, information, sports scores, social networking and shopping.

According to Nielsen’s Q1 2013 Cross-Platform Report, smartphone users spent 87 percent of their “app/Web” time using mobile apps; they spent the remaining 13 percent of their time on mobile Web. Women’s usage outpaces men by over two hours a month, but both sexes spend more than four hours a month on the mobile Web.

iPad users spent half the number of hours on their iPads than smartphone users spent on their smartphones. While users were on their iPads, however, they were three times more likely to be using apps than the mobile Web.

Both smartphone and iPad users love social networking. In fact, smartphone users spend over nine hours and iPad users spending nearly four hours a month on social networking platforms.


Still vibrant, traditional TV is thriving as viewers continue engage with their sets by seeking out entertainment and information that appeals to them. In fact, traditional TV viewing has grown year-over-year among the total population, led by African American households. These households are also increasing their consumption of mobile and digital video.

The average American spends more than 42 hours each week engaging with content across all screens. Viewing behavior varies by ethnicity: the average African American watches more than 55 hours, Hispanics watch over 34 hours and Asian Americans watch over 26 hours. Almost 37 of those 42 hours are spent in front of a television set, and users spent close to three hours watching time-shifted content.