Olbermann pulls donation offer to Hannity


The AP reports Keith Olbermann’s offer for a donation if Sean Hannity undergoes waterboarding is off the table, the money gone instead to radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller’s charity of choice after Mancow’s disquieting experience with the interrogation technique.

Muller said Wednesday he volunteered to be waterboarded last week to prove that the controversial technique isn’t torture. Instead, he said the experience showed he was wrong.

Waterboarding has been a hot topic on talk TV and radio the last several weeks. Olbermann of MSNBC contends it’s torture; Hannity of Fox News Channel says it’s not. Olbermann leaped on it when Hannity said on the air last month that he’d be waterboarded for charity.

Muller went on Olbermann’s MSNBC show Tuesday to talk about his experience, after Olbermann pledged $10,000 to Veterans of Valor, an organization formed by Iraq War veteran Klay South to help injured veterans.

Muller said he talked to his friend Hannity about the experience and had no insights on whether he planned to go through with his offer.

“I don’t know how Hannity is rationalizing this, but externally, his inability to live up to his promise pretty much speaks for itself,” Olbermann told The AP. “Plus, he is now less informed on the subject of waterboarding than is Erich `Mancow’ Muller.”