Nissan launches "Innovation for All" branding effort


The new marketing initiative aims to showcase the strength of Nissan’s product portfolio and build on 10 straight months of sales growth for the Nissan brand in the U.S. market (partially due to Toyota’s woes). The campaign, “Innovation for All,” will launch 8/28 and runs over the next several months.

The effort will begin with a series of five TV spots that capture Nissan’s history, track record and process of innovation. It features the full line of Nissan products – from the 100% electric Nissan LEAF and Altima mid-size sedan to the Z sports car, Titan full-size pickup truck and cube activity vehicle. The campaign also will appear in print and online with a consistent look and feel.

The first ads will debut 8/28 during the ESPN College Football Preview Show:
•”Innovations” – A celebration of Nissan’s current innovations, including smart phone apps, recycled materials, air purifiers, the Juke – the world’s first Sports Cross – and the 100-percent electric Nissan LEAF.

The second set of ad spots, set to air beginning 9/1, include:
•”Baby” – A soon-to-be dad transforms his 370Z into a Maxima sports sedan for the arrival of his first child.
•”Kidzilla” – A little boy’s toy car collection endures a beating, from dog-chewing to water plunges, but the Nissan Altima remains unscathed – just like in the real world.
•”Dime” – One of the most important safety innovations that Nissan delivers in every new car is its brake override system. This ad shows that a Nissan truly can stop on a dime.

9/9 marks the debut of “Polar Bear,” a highlight of the campaign as it previews the LEAF. In this story, a polar bear journeys from the icy Arctic through forests, highways, train tracks and over bridges to the big city and then on to the suburbs, where the animal finds someone who is trying to help – the owner of a LEAF.

The campaign is set to deliver over 200,000,000 media impressions before the end of the year.