Nielsen to increase PPM sample size


NielsenA larger sample size means increased accuracy—especially in panel-challenged demos. Nielsen Audio, in its first major announcement since acquiring Arbitron, says the total number of panelists will jump 6%. The company said it plans to create a more stable data sample by expanding the panel size in the PPM markets where the need is greatest: “This will increase our overall PPM panel by approximately six percent, with most of the expansion taking place in markets 31-48. (The average increase across these markets will be approximately 20%). By investing in sample improvements to recruit the hardest to reach demos where it is needed most our sample will be even more representative of the overall U.S. population, further enhancing our ability to provide our clients with the most accurate measurement of audio reach and engagement.”

Nielsen Audio is also looking to improve “in-station monitoring of PPM encoding—the audio codes that only a PPM can capture and identify which stations a consumer is listening to—by automating alerts and adding additional ways for our clients to monitor their encoded audio.”

Said Mitchell Habib, Nielsen COO: “We created this action plan around the core broadcast radio business following a series of conversations with our clients. “As we make progress against the plan we will share additional insight into our investments.”