Nielsen-Flinn Quietly Settle


FlinnBroadcastingThe litigation between Flinn Broadcasting and Nielsen Audio was settled as of Friday, according to court records. It became apparent both sides were considering settling in March, we reported.

Both sides have 30 days to re-open the litigation, if they don’t finalize the settlement, after which the case cannot be re-filed.

The action played out in a Baltimore court beginning in February when Nielsen sued Flinn for breach of contract, alleging it was owed more than $176,000 for radio PPM ratings, late fees and attorney fees.

Flinn countered, also alleging breach of contract, and calling into question the veracity of the Memphis PPM ratings; George Flinn sought $702,530 in damages, plus costs and legal fees.

Flinn told the court it was paying $17,000 a month for Memphis ratings and alleged Nielsen knew PPM was undercounting Memphis listeners. That point was made when a competitor installed a Voltair in the air chain, Flinn alleged, saying his ratings dropped, and he lost ad revenue because of that.

Nielsen denied the allegations.