News-Press adds pieces to Palm Springs media group


LPTVThe media cluster operated by News-Press & Gazette in the California desert east of Los Angeles and San Diego already includes a full power television station, three low-power outlets and an AM-FM combo. Now it has filed to add a couple more low power TVs.

Coming in the deal are KPSP-CD Cathedral City from Dessert Television LLC and KYAV-LD form U-Dub Productions LLC. The sellers are commonly owned and were sold pursuant to a single contract which was signed off on by James R. Houston.

An LMA/purchase option was agreed to at the end of January 2012, and the non-license assets of the stations were purchased at that time for an undisclosed price.

News-Press & Gazette, under licensee name Gulf-California Broadcast Company, is getting the authorizations now for $100K. The company is headed by David Bradley.

KPSP was at one time the market’s CBS outlet, but is currently dark. KYAV is carries programming from Azteca America.

The crown jewel of the NPG Palm Springs empire is full power KESQ-TV, which has been the market’s ABC affiliate and is now, per its website, is providing a home for CBS as well.

Also in the mix are three low power television stations, Fox KDFX-CD, CW KCWQ-LP and Telemundo KUNA-LP. The company also owns and operates KESQ-AM/KUNA-FM.

RBR-TVBR observation: Just in case anybody was wondering, low power outlets have no impact whatsoever on local ownership caps.