NABOB cross-ownership objection explained


Jim WinstonThe National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters doesn’t see the potential for newspapers and radio stations to be combined locally as a threat to the number of minority licensees – it sees it as a threat to minority licensees’ ability to compete for advertising dollars.

Jim Winston is head of the organization.

NABOB explained its position in its latest newsletter. In fact, it explained how it explained its position to the FCC: “If large radio group owners are now allowed to combine their multiple station ownership advantage with ownership of a daily newspaper, the group owner will be able to combine the radio and newspaper sales forces, and will be able to offer advertisers a combined radio-newspaper buy, which will leave minority owners even more disadvantaged in their efforts to compete in the marketplace.”

The organization reminded membership of its partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus in winning radio advertising from a consortium of mortgage companies to the tune of $1.2M, which was placed during the months of November and December.

It also restated its pleasure with the news that Nielsen is acquiring Arbitron, with one caveat. It stated, “NABOB has a good relationship with both companies, and the combination of the companies could provide better and more extensive audience measurement benefits to both the television and radio industries. However, NABOB is concerned that such mergers often result in rate increases to customers, and we would not want to see that happen. Therefore, NABOB is cautiously optimistic that this will be very good news for the television and radio industries.”

NABOB says it continues to work with Arbitron in its effort to improve PPM ratings, and has taken the step of obtaining membership in the MRC to gain a better understanding of the accreditation process.