NAB Podcast Addresses Photo Copyright Law


So, your intern stole a photo from the New York Post‘s website and published it on one of your radio station’s websites.

Now, some guy on Long Island has sued you.

What do you do?

The NAB hopes it can help.

A new NAB Podcast, “Navigating Photo Copyright Law: Protecting Your Station from a Lawsuit,” is now available.

The podcast explores strategies on how stations can avoid alleged and real copyright infringement claims.

In the 18-minute podcast, NAB SVP/Corporate Counsel Bart Stringham sits down with Crowell and Moring Partner David Ervin to discuss how to steer clear of any alleged or real copyright infringement claims regarding a station’s website.

The impetus behind the podcast is a recent series of copyright infringement lawsuits filed against both radio and television stations.

Thus, Stringham and Ervin highlight the importance to broadcasters of fully understanding how to legally use photographs and other content on social media and websites.

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