NAB Launches 2019 Congressional PSAs


Public service announcements (PSAs) featuring members of Congress have been distributed to television and radio stations across the country through the 2019 NAB Congressional PSA Campaign. The program invites members of Congress and their families to be featured in free, professionally-produced spots that address issues of importance to their constituents.

A total of 303 members of Congress (or their spouses or family members) participated in this year’s PSA campaign. NAB has hosted the biannual campaign in off-election years since 1985.

“The NAB Congressional PSA Campaign provides legislators and their families an opportunity to share pro-social messages that can have a positive impact on communities across America,” said NAB EVP Dennis Wharton. “Local radio and TV broadcasters will be generously donating airtime for this initiative as part of our commitment to serving local communities.”

The PSAs will air on local stations in congressional districts and/or states through the end of 2019. PSA topics include support for veterans, prescription drug/opioid abuse prevention, support for small businesses, cancer prevention, mental health awareness, and encouraging blood donations.