NAB Labs Invests in Big Data


NABLabsNAB Labs has invested in big data, believing it’s important to help broadcasters understand media consumption habits in a multi-platform world.

Yet Analytics is a Baltimore-based start-up that leverages open source tech to collect and analyze human and machine performance data from large organizations like Fortune 500 companies. Big data and associated analytics are an increased area of focus for radio and television executives as they build out their digital platforms.

NAB CTO Sam Matheny says the Yet Analytics data collection and analysis tools have the potential “to help broadcasters identify workflow efficiencies and provide audience measurement enhancements that detect viewer preferences and facilitate targeted advertising.”

“The increase in the number of data sources and the variety of data types now being produced across media and across industries will only continue to grow,” says Yet Analytics CEO Shelly Blake-Plock. It’s in this environment that real-time collection and analysis of performance metrics will provide insight into the way that businesses function “in a fully-immersive digital world,” he predicts.

NAB Labs has been investing in companies the broadcast trade lobby believes can help broadcasters bridge the gap between the analog and digital worlds.