Murdoch looking at an internet deal


Who needs Monte Hall and "Let's Make a Deal" when Rupert Murdoch is around? He's trying to buy the Wall Street Journal, he's trying to sell nine strong television stations, and now it's being widely reported that he wants to trade his social site, MySpace, for a piece of Yahoo. According to reports, he wants 25% of Yahoo. Murdoch has owned MySpace for about two years after buying it for 650M. Yahoo is said to be valued at 37B.

SmartMedia observation: Murdoch is all about reaching an audience, and Yahoo gets to about 100M different people every month. The question is whether or not he can help the new media giant to convert its audience into cashflow. But one thing is for sure: Murdoch clearly believes that multimedia is more than broadcast and print. But then, almost every broadcaster we know of is figuring the internet into its plans one way or the other.