More political pie, anyone?


A record amount of cash is earmarked for spending during the 2008 political season, and the Republican National Committee is thinking about spending even more. In fact, it’s getting ready to pull out its credit card so it can keep buying advertising. Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been leaning on RNC to help make up the difference between the funding of his own campaign and that of his opponent Barack Obama, who has taken political fundraising to new heights.

According to, RNC is thinking that it may need to come to the aid of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and send infusions of cash in support of candidates in hotly contested races. To that end, it may use $5M in credit. It will have to do so without coordinating with either NRSC or any individual campaign.

RNC says it is tapping the credit line rather than pulling and repurposing money being injected into the presidential race.

RBR/TVBR observation: It is amazing that even with fund-raising getting into never-before seen territory, both parties are more than willing to pull out their plastic – the Democrats did in during the mid-terms in 2006. If RNC does grab an extra $5M, broadcasters will likely see most of it, if they’re in the right state.