Progressive: ‘Hamm’-ing It Up With New Spots


What’s the buzz surrounding Progressive? The ultra-competitive auto insurance category has seen diminished activity of late from Allstate and GEICO, as Liberty Mutual Insurance is spending much on TV of late.

Progressive has responded — in a big way. In fact, it has introduced an “old flame” to veteran spokesperson “Flo” to consumers. It is none other than the actor who helped made “Mad Men” a superhit for AMC.

Jon Hamm is now featured in a series of spots for Progressive in rotation with the popular “Dr. Rick” character. While these humorous and memorable commercials are winning over TV audiences, Progressive is very much actively seeking consumers with audio media. That can been in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report, which shows Progressive surging from No. 60 to take the top spot by play count.

The Progressive work pushes cash back with purchases-focused app Upside to No. 2.

Meanwhile, ZipRecruiter is now fifth, with DuckDuckGo ranking seventh.

Returning to the Spot Ten Radio report: The Home Depot.