A Big Burger QSR Goes After The Golden Arches


Fire up the grill, and feel free to scorch those golden arches.

Wendy’s is using radio to entice consumers to come in for a meal, while the nation’s biggest quick service restaurant chain continues to pitch its offerings via the biggest free source of audio entertainment and information there is — AM and FM broadcast stations.

In the latest Spot Ten Radio report from Media Monitors, a newly invigorated push from Wendy’s puts the QSR back in the top 10, with 19,067 spots good enough for ninth place.

At the same time, McDonald’s inches ahead from No. 5 to No. 4, with 27,650 spots.

Also of note this week: A radio campaign promoting Amazon Music comes in at No. 8, with 19,425 spins.

Here is this week’s Spot Ten Radio, in full: