Missing from the bedroom


If you had already guessed that radio is an afterthought medium from lots of 17-28 year olds, yesterday’s report by Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media on the Bedroom Project confirmed your suspicions. "My parents’ generation uses a lot of radio," was a comment from one of the 31 young people in Los Angeles and Columbus, OH who each underwent a two-hour videotaped interview about their media habits. What little interest they had in AM and FM radio was mostly confined to in-car listening. There, with music now largely a commodity, the main attraction was a personality that captured their interest. The good news, though, is that the young people also had very little interest in satellite radio. Jacobs, whose firm conducted the research in league with Arbitron, noted that the participants, even those with limited financial resources, had lots of electronic gadgets, but few subscribed to satellite radio. "Satellite radio has really not made the sale," said Jacobs.

iPods are hot, of course, but the key device for most of the participants was their cell phone, not just for phone calls, but photos, texting and other uses. In fact, texting is replacing online instant messaging. Email? How old fashioned and formal.
For more see http://www.thebedroomstudy.com.