Marketron offering location-based advertising solution


MarketronMarketron announced the availability of a new location-based advertising solution that will enable targeted advertising to consumers based on their exact location. The new solution means broadcasters can now offer mobile targeting to their advertisers. It will also provide full transparency to reporting and campaign overview for both stations and their advertisers as well as support all ad units including rich media, video, and native ads.

The solution will essentially bring true one-to-one marketing to brands. With location-verified inventory from close to 10,000 publishers in North America and direct access to trading desks and ad networks, targeted campaigns can now go live in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

The Marketron solution aggregates impressions from its mobile platform to target consumers based on their location. This delivers broadcasters an important new product for their suite of offerings to local advertisers. For example a car dealer can be on-air, on-line, and on location to conquest buyers all under the umbrella of a strong local station brand.

“Marketron is at the forefront of one of the most exciting trends in digital advertising, the convergence of mobile, location, and context; essentially bringing true one-to-one marketing to brands like never before,” said Martin Kristiseter, VP Mobile Solutions at Marketron.  “With exceptional technology already in place, Marketron will be unequaled in its ability to present and deliver cutting-edge mobile advertising products to our broadcast partners and their clients.”

RBR-TVBR asked Kristiseter:

Can the solution send geo-targeted ads based on the location of an advertiser and listener?, I.e. I am in traffic near a pet store and I hear and/or see an ad for that pet store in real time?

“The solution is for mobile advertising only and it’s not synced with the audio ad. We can pinpoint target audiences at pivotal moments during the consumer’s decision-making journey through our platform. We serve display ad to the right audience, at the right time, at the right place, at scale.”

Does this work with NextRadio’s app?

“There’s not correlation to NextRadio.”

Marketron also has an in-house design team to handle broadcasters’ clients’ creative as well as in-house advertising operations to handle campaign optimization for all live campaigns. With location-verified inventory from close to 10,000 publishers in North America and direct access to trading desks and ad networks, targeted campaigns can go live in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

Heather Monahan, EVP of Sales for Beasley Broadcast Group said, “We are able to offer our clients a high-quality mobile customer acquisition tool at scale by leveraging Location-based Advertising Services from Marketron. Compared to the alternatives out there, Marketron’s platform is a great fit for us in terms of capabilities, features, scale and performance.”


  1. From what appears here, I am not clear what Marketron’s product actually is. Can you provide more detail on scale, delivery capabilities, features of this product?

    • Hi Jim —

      I hope this finds you well. I wanted to provide some additional information on our product per your note above.

      We’re providing a mobile advertising platform to our broadcast partners that enables us (and our partners) to serve hyper-local ads to consumers at specific locations or within certain geofences (virtual GPS barrier). Ex. we can serve ads to consumers that are within 1 mile of location to drive uplift in store visits. We can deliver all IAB ad unit standards, but we have most scale with 300 x 50 banners.

      We have access to over 45 billion monthly location verified (true GPS) impressions from over 10,000 publishers. That’s major scale for both national and local campaigns, which is needed to deliver ROI to advertisers and to our broadcast partners.

      The platform is SaaS based and we provide access to the campaign overview and reporting module for our clients. You can pull any and all reports ad-hoc without contacting Marketron as there’s full transparency across all campaigns.

      We charge on a CPM (cost per thousand) and there’s no license fee tied to the product. Please contact your Marketron sales rep for more information.



  2. Marketron will be working with AdsWizz on this project/offering. From a high level view, it will allow for geotargeted advertising. The question here is can this be integrated into other 3rd party app solutions?

    I believe it will also mean that the request to access the user’s location is necessary, so I am interested in learning about what “app” does the user need to have on their device in order for this to work.

    Great artice.


    • Hi Gabe —

      The location-based mobile advertising platform is unrelated to Adswizz or any other streaming ad insertion platform.

      The platform enables us to buy impressions from all publishers that are sharing true GPS so we can serve hyper-local. We have connected to the vast majority of the trading desks and ad networks that provides us access to over 10,000 apps that are sharing location.

      When you download a new app, you accept a terms of service and that’s where the location sharing is stated. For mobile web, ex, it will ask you if you want to share you location for more accurate news, weather and more. When you accept, you start sharing your GPS data and it becomes available in the ad call for us to target based on the user location.

      I hope this helps.



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