Marketron CEO Steve Minisini departs


Steve Minisini left to pursue other opportunities on 2/9. He was CEO of the Wicks Group-owned traffic and revenue management software company for over two years, replacing Pete D’Acosta. Minisini was previously President, Field Operations at CPower; Principal at Waterstreet Management Group and President, Americas (formerly EVP, Automotive and Industrial Business Unit) at i2 Technologies.

Jeff London, Marketron Senior Vice President of Marketing tells RBR-TVBR the interim CEO is Roger Paradis and the interim CFO is Walt Denekas. They are professional technical interim managers for corporations. A search for a new CEO is underway. Two months ago, Marketron COO Tom Whipple left the company.

London tells us: “We want the marketplace to know that it’s business as usual here. A company is not made up of one man…it’s 150 people that are working day to day here. We continue our strategy and mission forward. There is no shift in our focus on growth, our commitment to our customers or partners, or the Mediascape platform. We’ll continue to develop products and offer additional support and services to our customers. So, it’s onwards and upwards.”