Marketing Physics – Three Rules from Eureka! Ranch


How would you like to look into your client’s business future before they leap into a major advertising campaign with you? What if you could input their product idea, marketing plan, sales presentation or service into a computer to find the success rate of the idea before they invest precious time and hard earned money?

Doug Hall is the author of “Jump Start Your Business Brain” and founder and CEO of Eureka! Ranch, a Cincinnati Ohio “invention & research think tank” with offices in London, UK and Monterrey, Mexico. The Ranch specializes in creating new products and services for corporate clients including American Express, Ford Motor Company, Nike, Inc. and The Walt Disney Company. Doug’s technology is in the form of a marketplace simulation computer that forecasts the probability of success for his client’s business ideas. He calls this artificial intelligence Merwyn Technology.

The research and development team at Eureka! Ranch spent 6 years and $20 million to create Merwyn Technology. I first ran across Doug as a speaker at Dan O’Day’s PD Grad School in Los Angeles several years ago. In his presentation, Doug claimed that through pain-staking analysis, he had has distilled an amazingly large number of variables down to the following three essentials that make up 75% of the information you would get from his full analysis – one that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to Eureka! Ranch there are 3 fundamental rules for Marketing Physics.

First Rule of Marketing Physics – Distinct Benefit
A product or service offering must have a very distinct benefit for its target.  And remember, features are not benefits. Organic is a feature not an advantage.

You should describe what they will feel with your client’s product or service.  Doug presented this example. A concert series was promoted as “An evening with the music of Bach, Chopin and Liszt” with little success (as these are features not benefits).  The name was changed to “An Evening of Romance” and sales increased 50%.  The same series improved attendance over 100% over 2 years (who says sex doesn’t sell?!)

Second Rule of Marketing Physics – Credibility
Your client’s product or service has twice the chance of success if it is believable. You must communicate a real reason to believe. At one time “benefits” were 4 times more important than having a “reason to believe”.  Now they are equal according to Doug.  Honest guarantees have a higher success rate than most other strategies.

In no continent is trust in a more dismal state than in North America.  People have been burnt over and over.  They have heard myriad false promises seemingly forever.  What does your client have that is true and people will believe?  People have a high degree of skepticism about sales pitches so make sure your client’s message is real, tells them the truth and does what they promise.

Third Rule of Marketing Physics – Dramatic Difference
The product or service has 3 times the chance for success if it is dramatically different. Obviously this is the most difficult thing to have but it is very important.  Your client’s product or service will die if it doesn’t offer something unique. They must be the only product/service that offers___________.  The idea then is to start with being very unique and to go on to become a monopoly.

If they have no difference, then they are a commodity.  The question then becomes how low will they sell it for?  Profitable business is not for wimps.  Hard to execute should not be a deterrent.  It should be an opportunity.

These 3 rules of Marketing Physics give a clear sense of mission, focus and purpose. Your client will become totally oriented towards their customers. If their product or service doesn’t meet all these requirements, figure out how they can – or they will probably fail – and so will you at developing a repeating customer; you will only get the initial sale. Get over how difficult it is though; all the low hanging fruit has all been picked.

–Neil Gallagher specializes in developing and operating Groupon-style revenue sharing programs for radio. His background includes being a successful Divisional VP, major market GM, PD, and AE. He can be reached directly by email at [email protected].