Manufacturer adds internet radio to DVR


PandoraChannel Master offers a DVR that is designed for use by people who have cut the cord and rely on over-the-air local broadcast for their television entertainment. They have now added Pandora to the DVR’s suite of entertainment options.

“Pandora is the perfect companion for DVR+ and a natural fit for us,” said Joe Bingochea, executive vice president of product development. “Since the earliest days of TV, Americans have included both video and music in the living room environment. Channel Master was a leading manufacturer of transistor radios in the 1960s, as well as the leading provider of television antennas. Having Pandora as part of the DVR+ platform brings the history of our brand full circle in a single modern device.”

As for the DVR itself, Channel Master says it will continue to add additional streaming and video options.

RBR-TVBR observation: We like the idea of a DVR that doesn’t plug into a cable or satellite box. But if this type of device starts to take off, it will be incumbent on radio to earn a place on it.