Major Ad Campaign Targets Online Gambling


csig-logoThe Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling launched a six-figure advertising campaign this week as a part of their continued fight against predatory online gambling in Pennsylvania. The new ads will be seen on broadcast and cable television and heard on radio throughout the Harrisburg, PA market.

“Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly oppose predatory online gambling but a handful of mistaken or misguided politicians are advocating to legalize it anyway,” said Coalition spokesman John Ashbrook. “This is only the beginning of the Coalition’s efforts to hold these lawmakers accountable as they consider this total disregard for Pennsylvania’s families.”

Pennsylvania Survey Data: Earlier this year, a survey of Pennsylvania voters found that 73% oppose legislation to legalize online gambling. The survey also revealed that Pennsylvanians are three times more likely to vote against legislators who support online gambling. The survey of 513 registered voters in PA was conducted by Harper Polling between 4/22/15 – 4/27/15 and has a margin of error +/- 4.33%.

Coalition Background: The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling is a national partnership of over 60 religious organizations, civil rights groups & family advocates working to protect the young, poor and elderly from the dangers of predatory online gambling. The Coalition believes that Internet gaming crosses the line of responsible gambling by bringing it into living rooms and onto smartphones, tablets and home computers 24 hours a day without necessary protections.