LPTV deal has upside potential


LPTVRegal Media stands to collect a decent-sized pile of cash for a pair of low power television outlets located in Detroit and Sacramento. And if the FCC approves a move for each to the south of their current repacking-endangered channels, the pile will be a bit bigger.

The stations are W47DL-D in Detroit and K45HC in Sacramento.

Regal, headed by George Conney, is selling the pair to Global Broadcast Networks Inc., headed by Kenta Rooks.
Brokerage services were provided by Kepper, Tupper & Co.

The price is $675K. However, both channels have displacement grant requests to move – in the case of the Detroit facility, it would like to head south from its current Channel 47 berth to Channel 19. And the Sacramento outlet is seeking a move from Channel 45 to Channel 34.

If granted within 12 months, the moves are worth an additional $100K for the seller, bringing the potential final value of the deal to $775K if one of the moves is approved and $875K if both are.