LPFM Figures in Full Power Transaction


DealWe are always fascinated by creative deal making, and this agreement between two non-profit organizations in Vermont certainly qualifies. It features a unique way to go about getting a low power facility built.

The station being sold is WWPV-FM Colchester VT.

Well, not sold, actually – the transaction is characterized as a donation, But there are definitely strings attached. Low power strings.

Donating WWPV is Saint Michael’s College, headed by President John J. Neuhauser.

Receiving the station is Vermont Public Radio. VP/Finance & Operations Brian Donahue signed off on the deal.

Here’s how it all shakes out.

For starters, the College is retaining the rights to the call letters.

Secondly, SMC will assist VPR in getting new calls for the station, and will also help it file for a CP to upgrade the facility.
But most importantly, VPR will fund the acquisition of equipment for and the construction of an LPFM CP held by SMC, pay all expenses related to the project and assist SMC in filing any necessary paperwork. The contract stipulates that the station must be ready to begin operating 8/15/15.

WWPV-FM is a Class A on 88.7 MHz with 100 W @ 82’. It serves the Burlington VT-Plattsburgh NY market. The station throws a primary contour over most of Burlington, but does not make it across Lake Champlain to Plattsburgh NY.

We finally note with interest that WWPV, although licensed as a full power facility, has no more power than an LPFM is allowed. Although, of course, they’re going to try to change that.