‘LOST’ The Package; centers around Sun and Jin (review)


This episode centers around Sun and Jin.  They lost each other when Sun left the island to protect their unborn child.  In the three years (or so) since leaving, Sun gave birth to a baby girl and thought Jin was dead.  She was lured back to the island by Ben’s assurance that Jin is alive.  From that point forward, her sole purpose has been to find him and bring him home.

Flash sideways:  We see Sun and Jin at the airport.  Customs has stopped him because he is carrying $25,000 in cash.  He was sent to the US to deliver the money and a watch to one of Sun’s father’s “business” partners.  Neither speaks English (Sun taught herself in a different life and Jin learned on the island).  By the time the customs agent releases them and confiscates the money, Jin has missed his appointment.  When they get to the hotel, we find that they are not married and are hiding their relationship from her monster of a father. 

After spending a blissful night together, they are interrupted by a knock at the door.  Who is on the other side?  The same man that we saw Sayid shoot in his flash sideways.  He wants his money.  Through an interpreter Sun assures him that she can get the money, if she is allowed to go to the bank.  He sends her and the interpreter to the bank, while taking Jin with him and his goons to the restaurant. 

Once at the restaurant, Jin is tied up and locked in a closet.  The “business” partner admits to Jin that the $25,000 was his payment for killing Jin.  He tells him that no one messes around with the boss’s daughter.

Sun is at the bank and told that her account has been closed.  When she wants to know who closed it, the teller says that it was her father. 

While locked in the closet, Jin hears raised voices and starts kicking at the door.  Sayid opens it with a gun aimed at his head.  Sayid gives Jin a box cutter to release himself and leaves.  Sun and the interpreter arrive to find the leader and his goons all shot.  Jin ends up in a fight with the interpreter and subsequently shoots him.  Once the melee is over, Jin finds that Sun has been shot in the stomach.  He picks her up to take her for help and she tells him that she is pregnant.

On the island:  We see Flock’s camp through the eyes of someone wearing night vision goggles.  Obviously, they are all being watched by Widmore’s people.  Jin is still recovering from the wound he received when Claire found him.  Sawyer has told him about the cave and the names written there and that Kwon is one of the names he saw.  Jin asks Flocke whether the name is his or Suns.  Flocke admits to not knowing, but swears to him that he will find Sun and bring her back to the camp.  Once Flocke is gone, Jin decides to leave and find Sun himself.  Sawyer is trying to stop him when they are all shot with tranquilizers.  Widmore’s people enter the camp and abduct Jin.

Flocke ends up finding Sun alone in a field.  She has snapped at Jack to just leave her alone.  She doesn’t care why the rest of them are there; she only wants to find Jin.  Flocke tries to convince her that Jin is in his camp and that if she leaves with him, he will reunite them.  She doesn’t believe him and flees.  Flocke gives chase until Sun hits her head on a tree limb.

Jin wakes up to find himself in a very strange room.  He’s lying in a chair that has arm, leg and head restraints although he’s not strapped in.  He walks around the room and finds a switch.  When he flips it, the room is filled with horribly loud noise and a screen is filled with flashing pictures.  By the time he turns it off, Ellie comes in (this is the same woman that Sawyer found at the Ajira plane).  She tells Jin that he is in room 23; a room that Darma used for experiments.  She shows him a map of the island with places marked for electro magnetic activity.  She also shows him the signature of the person who created the map – Jin Kwon.  He tells her to take him to Widmore; that he will not talk to anyone else.  Once he’s in front of Widmore, Widmore gives him a camera he found among Sun’s luggage.  On the camera are pictures of Jin’s daughter.  Widmore tells Jin that if Flocke gets off of the island, everything and everyone he has ever loved will cease to exist.  He tells Ellie to bring the package to them.  Jin wants to know what’s in the package.  Widmore says, “It’s not what, but who.”

Ben has found Sun under the tree and brings her back to the camp.  Sun has given herself a concussion and finds that she can understand English, but can’t speak it.  Jack tells her that it’s due to her head injury and that it is probably temporary.  Richard then comes charging back into camp and tells everyone that they need to pack and get moving.  When asked where they are going, Richard tells them that they are going to Hydra Island to stop Flocke.  Sun is enraged and starts screaming at him in Korean.  She is not following him! 

In the mean time, Flocke has returned to his camp and found them all still “asleep”.  He wakes Sayid to find out what happened and where Jin is.  Sayid doesn’t know and Flocke figures that it was Widmore.  He decides to take Sayid with him to confront Widmore.  Before they leave, Claire asks him if her name was on the wall in the cave.  He tells her “not anymore”.  She wants to know if Kate’s name is on the wall.  He tells her no.  She wants to know why Kate’s still here.  Flocke tells her that he needs Kate to get the remaining six people to come to him.  Once that is done, Claire can do whatever she wishes to Kate. (Uh oh, Claire has just been given permission to kill Kate. Not good.) 

When Flocke gets to Hydra Island, he finds his path blocked by a set of pylons surrounding the Igira plane.  Widmore confronts him and tells him that he will stop him.  Flocke says, “A wise man once said that war is coming to this island.  It just got here.”

Jack comes upon Sun sitting on the beach watching the water.  Jack gives her a pad and pencil and says that even though she can’t speak English, maybe she can write it.  She can.  Jack asks her why she ran from Flocke and she writes “I don’t trust him”.  Jack wants to know if she trust’s him.  She gives him an affirmative head shake.  He swears to her that if she comes with him, he will find Jin and get them both off of the island.  She tears up and they clasp hands.

Flocke returns alone to his camp.  Sawyer questions why Sayid is not with him.  Flocke has left him behind to find out what Widmore is hiding on board the sub. 

We see Sayid in the water watching the dock.  Several of Widmore’s people are carrying, half dragging someone.  As they get close to Sayid, we see that the package they are bringing to Widmore is none other than his son-in-law; Desmond.  Sayid sees this, too.

Desmond!!!  Finally!!  I was starting to think the writers were going to leave him out.  I would have been extremely disappointed.  While I’m happy to see Desmond still with us, I can’t help but wonder about Penny.  Where is she?

Next week’s previews were a bit vague.  They talk about death and who dies and who doesn’t.  There is no clear character to focus on next week.  I can only hope Desmond figures prominently.  I’m sure that we will get some sort of flash sideways; maybe Desmond? Or maybe bit of everyone?  Maybe we will start to understand why we are being given the flash sideways.  Dare I say that the war we’ve been teased with for so long is beginning?  Dare I say that the roller coaster has left the station?

April Starlett