‘LOST’ The Last Recruit, kept me glued (review)


This episode doesn’t center around any one character, but gives us a little bit of everyone.  It also gives us more of the story itself.  The episode bounced around this week keeping me glued.

Flash sideways: We see John being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  Ben is beside him trying to tell the paramedics what happened.  He doesn’t know John very well, so he can’t give any personal information.  John wakes up long enough to tell them his first name and Helen’s name.  As John is being wheeled into the emergency room, we also see Sun on a gurney entering the hospital from the gunshot wound.  They are being wheeled side by side.  Sun looks over at John and starts saying, “It’s him…It’s him.”  No one is really listening.  Does she, in her pained state, remember John Locke as the Man in Black?

Next we see Sawyer with Kate at the police station.  She tells him that even though she’s wanted for murder, she’s not a murderer.  Sawyer tries to draw a parallel between them because they were on the same flight 815 and she hit his car.  Kate scoffs at him and wants to know why he didn’t arrest her at the airport.  He tries to be his charming self, but it doesn’t work on Kate.  She puts two and two together and figures out that he didn’t want anyone to know that he was in Australia.  Miles interrupts them with a new case of multiple murders.  He shows Sawyer surveillance footage of a man leaving the restaurant; Sayid.

Then we see Claire going to an appointment with the adoption agency.  Desmond is also there and strikes up conversation with her.  He reminds her of their meeting in the airport and wonders why she doesn’t have an attorney representing her for the adoption.  He tells her that he has a lawyer friend right in this building that can help her at no cost; consider it a gift from him to someone in need.  She agrees.  Once inside the lawyer’s office, they are told to wait a few minutes.  When the lawyer emerges it is Ilana.  Once she is told Claire’s name, she states, “We’ve been looking for you.” 

Sayid is seen running into his brother’s home and packing feverishly.  Nadia confronts him wanting to know what is going on.  He tells her that he’s leaving and can never come back.  Nadia tearfully wants to know what he did.  They are interrupted by someone at the front door.  It’s Miles with his badge.  He enters the house to find Sayid gone.  He has run out the back door only to be tripped by Sawyer, who was laying in wait for him.  Sawyer then handcuffs and arrests him.

We are then taken back to Ilana’s office where Jack and his son, David, have just arrived to hear the reading of Jack’s fathers will.  Ilana introduces Jack to Claire, who explains that she is his sister.  Jack, of course, is shocked by this news.  Before he can process the information, he is called to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Sun wakes up at the hospital to find Jin asleep in the chair next to her bed.  She calls his name and he tells her that she is fine; that the baby is fine; that they are all fine now.

Jack is getting ready for surgery and looking over the x-rays of the patient.  The nurse explains to him that the patient was paralyzed before the hit and run.  Jack looks at her and says, “I’ve got this one.”  He goes into the operating room looks at the man on the table.  It’s John Locke.  I guess John will get his surgery after all.  Will he be able to walk?

Back on the island; Jack, Hurley and the rest have just been invited into Flocke’s camp.  Flocke asks to speak to Jack privately and Jack agrees.  Jack is astonished at the fact that Flocke looks just like John.  He tells Flocke that he doesn’t know what he is and wants to know how he “became” John Locke.  Flocke explains that he can only take on the form of those already dead.  He admits to being Jack’s father three days after they crashed.  He says that he did that to lead them to water and save them all.  He says that when Jacob was alive they were all trapped on the island and now that he’s dead; all are free to leave.  But, there’s a catch.  All of them have to leave the same way they came back; together.
We see that Claire has followed them into the woods.  Flocke wants to know why and she admits to knowing that Jack is her brother.  She tells Jack that it’s nice to have him with them, but Jack says that he hasn’t decided who he’s with yet.  She smiles that knowing smile that Claire seems to have lately, and assures him that he has.  She explains that once he let Flocke talk to him he was “with” him.

Sawyer pulls Hurley off to the side to tell him about his plan to get them off the island without Flocke.  Sawyer tells Hurley that the plan includes himself, Kate, Sun, Jin, Hurley and Jack; but he’s not to tell anyone, not even Jack.  When Hurley asks about Sayid, Sawyer tells him that he’s not invited, that Sayid is different now. 

The next morning as Jack and Kate have a talk about whether to believe Flocke or not, Zoe walks into camp.  She tells Flocke that he stole something from them and Widmore wants it back.  She pulls a walkie talkie out of her pocket and asks the person on the other end if they have her coordinates.  When they answer “yes”, she tells them to go ahead.  We hear a loud noise and then see an explosion right outside of the camp.  She then tells Flocke that he has until nightfall to return what was stolen.  She drops the walkie talkie at his feet and leaves camp. Flocke destroys it under his boot; then says, “Here we go.”

Flocke tells “his people” that things are starting sooner than he thought.  He tells them that they need to gather their things; that they are going to Hydra Island and flying the plane home.  He asks Sawyer to do him a favor.  Sawyer is leery, but listens anyway.  Flocke tells him about a sail boat (Desmond’s boat) docked off the island.  He gives him a map and tells him where to meet them.  Sawyer pulls Jack off to the side and tells him of his plan to steal Widmore’s sub.  He gives Jack the map, tells him where to meet him and Kate and to make sure to bring Hurley, Sun and Frank with him.  Jack wants to bring Claire also, but Sawyer refuses to include her saying that she’s been with Flocke too long and that she’s “crazy”.

Flocke commands Sayid to go back to Desmond and kill him.  Sayid balks and Flocke reminds him of the promise he made to bring Nadia back.  Sayid concedes and heads towards Desmond.  When Sayid gets to Desmond, Desmond asks him what Flocke promised him and Sayid tells him that he was promised to bring his love back.  Desmond then asks him what he will tell her when she wants to know what Sayid had to do to bring her back from the dead.

Flocke and his followers are trekking through the woods when Flocke realizes that Sayid hasn’t caught up to them.  He tells the rest to keep going; that he’s going to find him.  Jack watches Flocke leave and when he’s gone, he gathers Hurley, Sun and Frank and tells them that they are leaving.  They head off into the woods to meet Kate and Sawyer.  What they don’t know is that Claire sees them leave with an angry glint in her eye.

Flocke finds Sayid in the woods and wants to know what took him so long.  He answers by telling him that he ‘just shot an unarmed man and needed a minute”.  Flocke questions whether he killed Desmond.  Sayid says that he did and wants to know if Flocke wants to check for himself.  (Sayid seems to have a different edge to him.  What does this mean?)

Jack, Hurley and Frank find the boat with Kate and Sawyer waiting for them.  Before they can board Claire comes out of the woods pointing a gun at them.  Kate tells her that she needs to come with them.  She tells her that the only reason she came back to the island was to find her and bring her back home to Aaron.  She apologizes for raising Aaron and admits to it being wrong.  She pleads with Claire to come home with them.  Claire hears Kate and decides to join them.  But, as she’s climbing in the boat she says with an ominous look, “When he finds out, he’s going to be mad.”  

As they are sailing towards Hydra Island and Charles Widmore, Sawyer and Jack have a private conversation.  Jack tells Sawyer that leaving the island doesn’t feel right.  He tells him that “the island is not done with them yet” and that they are all meant to do something.  This enrages Sawyer and he tells Jack to get off the boat if he’s not with them.  Jack apologizes for Juliette’s death and jumps in the water. 

Jack reaches the beach where Flocke is waiting for Sawyer as Sawyer is docking the boat on Widmore’s beach.  Widmore’s men stop them at gunpoint until Zoe recognizes Sawyer.  She tells her men to lower the field.  Then Jin walks out of the woods to see Sun standing on the beach.  They run to each other with open arms.  The first words Sun speaks since losing her voice is “I love you” to Jin.  They tearfully hug and kiss. (What a reunion.  It brought tears to my eyes.)  But, the joy doesn’t last for long.  Zoe is given an order over her walkie talkie and all of a sudden the guns are raised against Sawyer and the rest of them.  They are ordered to get on their knees.  Sawyer says he has a deal with Widmore and Zoe tells him that the deal is off.

Shortly after Flocke pulls Jack out of the water we hear that same loud noise we heard at Flocke’s camp.  Then there is an explosion as a bomb hits the beach.  Jack and several others are thrown through the air.  We hear that noise again as we see Flocke grab Jack in a fireman’s hold and run into the woods.  He sits Jack against a tree and asks him if he’s alright.  He then says, “You’re with me now, Jack.”

This was a great episode.  I’m starting to enjoy the flash sideways more than the island scenes.  All of our characters are being brought together.  What will happen when they eventually end up all together in the same room?  Will it be something extraordinary?  What will change? 

I was getting pretty frustrated with the way people were acting on the island.  They are just waiting around for orders.  It’s not like them to do that.  It’s almost like none of them are thinking for themselves; almost like they are not all there.  Maybe in a way they aren’t.  Maybe the fact that they are living in the flash sideways is affecting who they are on the island.  Sawyer did, finally, decide to try and flee, but is it too little too late.  I do not believe that Sayid killed Desmond.  The desolation that was present in him seemed gone.  He had an edge to him that wasn’t there.  Could he be the deciding factor in all this?  Let’s not forget Richard, Miles and Ben.  How will they affect the outcome?

The next few weeks should be packed with excitement, answers and hopefully some great twists.  I can’t wait!

April Starlett