Less-than-Apocalypse force earthquake hits Camping


Friday, October 21, 2011 – a day that will apparently come right after October 20 and right before October 22. It does not appear to be the end of time, as predicted by Family Radio’s Harold Camping, despite the fact that the San Francisco area where his group is based was in fact hit with some minor quakes.

Family Radio made no comment through the weekend on yet another failed Camping prediction.

Camping’s original prediction was for major catastrophic events on May 21, 2011, that would begin with violent geological upheavals in New Zealand and track around the globe.

The failure of these events to take place left Camping “flabbergasted.” He has since said there were miscalculations on his scripture-based predictions, and has further suggested that a spiritual abandonment by the deity is what took place, albeit quietly.

He has suggested that the 10/21/11 event may also come and go peacefully, so the fact that many of us are not seeing any end-of-the-world manifestations in our neck of the woods may not be enough to get Camping to back off from his claims as to the ultimate accuracy of his predictions.