Label touts radio play achieved by fresh musical face


Kreayshawn (pictured) burst on to the national musical scene from her native Oakland CA the new way – via the internet – and we applaud musicians no matter which route they take to gaining attention. In her case, the success of “Gucci Gucci” got her a recording contract, and the record company couldn’t help noting the promotional push the song is getting via that old-fashioned medium called radio.

Her success led to an association with Columbia Records, which is getting set to release her single over digital retail outlets 6/14/11, and which is also getting set to market her full album, which at the moment is a work in progress.

Kreayshawn’s (the first syllable is pronounced Kray) tune received 200K hits in two days and 1M in two weeks. Then according to Columbia, “…the song gained support from radio stations nationwide and publications worldwide such as MTV, LA Weekly, The Guardian, and Dazed & Confused magazine.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Here is yet another story where a record company likes the fact that a song is being promoted by radio. And we all know that at the same time they think radio should pay them for promoting their song.

There are a lot of ways for a musician to get noticed, and everybody knows that the internet is one of them. But a lot of people will never find an artist on the internet if they don’t know to even look. Record labels continue to praise the positive influence of radio on their own success even as they work to damage the beneficial relationship with the medium.

Have you ever heard of Kreayshawn before you read this article? We hadn’t, despite all this global attention – but we suppose Columbia will want those leeches at radio, at MTV and at magazines to stop benefitting from the glow of her obscurity, and allow Columbia to rely solely on paid advertising to get Kreayshawn’s name out there.