KSHE dumps Bob & Tom


Emmis’ St. Louis heritage rocker KSHE-95 announced that local personality John Ulett will begin hosting an all-Rock morning show 1/17 from 6-10 a.m. each weekday. He will be joined by KSHE talent Lauren Colvin (a.k.a. Lern), who’ll provide news and traffic reports. The show will replace Premiere Radio Networks’ Bob & Tom Show.

“KSHE-95 is the longest running rock radio station in America,” said Rick Balis, the station’s VP/Rock.  “We take that title seriously. Rock music is what we are all about, and this change will enable us to return to our roots. John Ulett is the perfect person to lead this change. John has been playing rock on KSHE for 35 years. He understands what St. Louisans want to hear. He appreciates the historic significance of KSHE as a key player in the development of rock music nationally. He and Lern, who were both born and raised in St. Louis, will bring a new sound and a new excitement to morning radio in St. Louis.”

Added SVP/GM John Beck about Bob & Tom: “We have had a long relationship with Bob & Tom and have a deep respect for them. We thank Bob & Tom for all they have done for KSHE over the years, but we are making a change that takes us back to where we started. We are excited to see what John and Lern can do.”