KRLA-AM, KTIE-AM re-brand in California


Salem CommunicationsBeginning Monday, 4/23, there will be a new morning show, new attitude, and new brand for Salem Communications’ News Talk radio stations in Los Angeles and Riverside/San Bernardino. Morning host Heidi Harris will be joining the stations for wake-up duty 6am to 9am. At the same time, KRLA-AM 870 and KTIE-AM 590 will re-brand the stations as “The Answer,” following on the heels of a similar re-branding at the company’s News Talk radio station, WNYM-AM 970 in NYC.

Salem’s new VP Director, Spoken Word Format, Phil Boyce announced the change, saying both the new morning show and the new name and positioning will make both stations more competitive, with more attitude in the imaging, and more opportunities to position the stations in their markets. “We have been using the name ‘The Answer’ in New York since March 12th, and could not be happier with the response. The on air attitude and positioning is much more positive and we decided we could do something similar for KRLA and KTIE. The addition of Heidi Harris to the morning show is a major investment in the future of these stations, so the timing was perfect to combine the new show with the re-branding effort,” said Boyce, who adds the on-air imaging of both KRLA and KTIE will be reflective of the cities they serve.

Heidi Harris was first heard on the air on KDWN in Las Vegas in 1998 during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, when she volunteered to go on the station for free. Her unique take on that issue and others captured the imagination of the city and caught the attention of crosstown competitor KXNT where she became co-host of the morning show in 1999. Later she became the solo host of the morning show on KDWN and developed a great track record, attracting the attention of Salem and KRLA management who wanted their own local morning show.


    • Yes hope fully the syndycate back to las vegas from 6-9 am here. it is so lame now listening to the radio here.

  1. Ok LA, get ready for her because she’s the best. We really miss her in Las Vegas. Kinda makes me want to move back to LA!

  2. Heidi….
    I’ve been listening to you on the internet for about 2 years
    I’ve got family in Vegas and this past Nov. I even had the great joy to listen to you live on the Radio when I visited my family and walked the 5 miles or so from the Mandalay Bay to The Southpointe for exercise.
    I will miss your take on Vegas local issues,points of reference,and your
    guests(Frank Cullotta…Wow!)..but this is so good for you that I can only be happy for you.(I will listen to KRLA on the internet also)
    BTW..I’m not even a conservative on most issues,but I still enjoy your point of view even as sometimes I am screaming at the computer monitor!
    Take Care!

  3. I’m really unhappy that you have taken Glenn Beck’s show out of this time slot, which is my 1.5 hour drive time. Fortunately, I have other access to his show, but it removes any inclination I have to tune in to your station. Dislike!

  4. +1! to Geri, I have a 1.5 hour commute in the morning as well and was shocked to turn on the radio this morning to find the one true conservative voice on AM in that timeslot gone. Luckily I can stream Beck on my phone. KRLA lost another morning listener.

  5. Agree with Geri. You have ruined my commute by replacing someone I truly appreciated hearing. Mr. Beck is a voice calling us to wake up and pull this country back from the abyss. If the folk in Vegas are missing Ms. Harris, then they are more than welcome to have her back. You have “branded” your network to the dustbin. Trust me, I will not be tuning into KRLA again.

  6. I’ve listen to Heidi Harris and she is okay…if not good. But she isn’t Glenn Beck!!!! Very sad. As of today I’ve tuned off the morning radio.

  7. PLEASE BRING GLENN BECK BACK! Will seek him out on my phone through the GBTV app and turning 590 off in the morning.

    • Glenn Beck is an unique show which cannot be substituted for. You would think of all the radio networks, Salem would have the wisdom to see that. You lost another listener KRLA……………..

  8. First you get rid of Laura Ingram then Glenn Beck??? Are kidding me?!KRLA needs a new GM who knows what he’s doing. Your change of top notch radio host for Heidi Harris is an indication of pressure from the top office who can’t handle the truth in a hard hitting manner.
    Your “THE ANSWER” is nothing but pablum for the spineless that “Can’t Handle The Truth” of today’s White House politics that seek to take our country down.
    Your 6:00 to 9:00 time slot ratings will plummet for your lack of the reallity on what people want and need to hear.

  9. Dear KRLA,

    You are a capitalist enterprise that should constantly look for ways to improve your business and get better ratings. Your decisions, just like other business decisions should make some… business sense, I mean something that would make sense to any AMERICAN, based on objective supply/demand free market formula of competition: you fire the lowest denominator and hire someone better to bring the whole enterprise to a higher level.
    Let’s see here, what you did: you fired Glenn Beck, an AMERICAN ICON, and you replaced him with… Heidi who?? I listened to her show and I turned away. I was hoping Glenn was on vacation or something, but I just found out that you fired him.
    Please forgive me KRLA, but are you kidding us? This decision of yours is a poor one, and I bet it will big time backfire. Again, you do what you want to do, it is your enterprise and your choice. But you see, I am entitled to my choice too and i have just decided to never, ever listen to you.
    Michael, Mike, Dennis and Dennis, do not worry. I love you, and I will continue to listen to you, but not through KRLA. I have just erased KRLA from my car’s favorite radio stations.
    Good bye KRLA.

    With friendship,


  10. Please bring back Glenn Beck. I am sure Heidi Harris is a nice person, but she is light weight in terms of depth, substance and insight. She has nothing to say. Big mistake for KRLA radio

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