Knicks’ radio host apologizes over racial slur


New York Knicks’ radio personality Spero Dedes showed poor judgment in referencing a racial slur that got two other sports anchors in trouble. Dedes was disciplined by Madison Square Garden Network 2/21 for repeating the slur “chink in the armor” in a discussion about Knicks’ point guard Jeremy Lin’s weaknesses.


Dedes used the phrase during an interview with Hall of Fame Knicks’ guard Walt Frazier. He apologized for the remark in a comment through the Knicks: “I am deeply sorry that my unfortunate choice of words offended anyone, it was completely inadvertent. I have apologized to Jeremy and I apologize to the Asian community if others were offended. I will be more sensitive to my choice of words moving forward.”


“Spero deeply regrets the error and never intended to offend anyone, most particularly Jeremy, whom he holds in high esteem,” MSG said in a statement. “We took appropriate action in dealing with this matter, but will keep details internal to the organization…The term…was inappropriate and inconsistent with the high regard we have for Jeremy Lin as a member of our MSG Family, as well as the Asian community.”


Tuesday’s incident was the third time in less than a week that the offensive remark about Lin was made. ESPN analysts Max Bretos and ESPN mobile editor Anthony Federico were reprimanded for using the phrase. Bretos was suspended and Frederico was fired. MSG didn’t yet announce their plans to discipline Dedes.


Lin is the first American-born NBA player of Taiwanese or Chinese descent.