KKLF-AM sale closes


MSG-Media-Services-Group1Gerald Benavides has closed on the purchase of Comedy KKLF-AM 1700 Richardson, TX in the Dallas/Fort Worth market.  The Seller is the Joule Trust with Eddie Esserman serving as Trustee.  The Buyer, Claro Communications Ltd. (Benavides), has additional radio station interests in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Alice, TX. The Joule Trust has several other radio properties in the Trust.  The purchase price is $1,250,000, which included $50K escrow, $950K cash at closing, and a $250K note. Claro has a cross-ownership with LPTV station KBFW-LP Arlington, TX.

Bill Whitley of the Dallas office of Media Services Group represented the seller in this transaction.

The station is 10-kW full-time.


  1. The station is NOT 10 kW full time. No station on that frequency (in the USA) has more than one-thousand watts at night. Isn’t KBFW-LP silent?

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