Radio Can Reach Key Voters Before Primaries


VoteIn the next two weeks, 10 key states will hold primaries. Three are Super Tuesday states: Colorado, Texas and Virginia.

Radio leads other media in reaching those still open to political messaging, according to Katz Media Group, which commissioned Nielsen Audio to research the political media landscape. Nielsen drew upon citizens who are part of its Scarborough Research Panel for the data.

Roughly a third of all registered voters in the three key states are registered to vote in their primaries, but haven’t settled on one candidate to vote for or haven’t decided whether to vote at all.

Radio leads in reaching these “Opportunity Voters” in Colorado, Texas and Virginia (93.2%), followed by broadcast television (89.9%), cable TV (89.8%), the Internet using a desktop computer (87.8%) and mobile Internet over a portable device (64.4%).

One in three such voters listens to radio more than watching television. On average, these voters listen to nearly 2 hours of radio daily (1:52), while watching less than an hour of television. One in five registered voters are more likely to agree that radio is an appropriate place for political advertising than Pandora (32% agree v. 7%).

Formats other than news/talk offer a target for political campaigns, according to the findings.

Katz’s “local Vote” initiative was developed for political advertisers looking for new and different insight into affecting voting outcomes at the local and national levels.