Katz, Horizon Media to promote Leno


As NBC changes the television landscape with the primetime premiere of “The Jay Leno Show,” Katz Marketing Solutions and Horizon Media are launching a radio-based marketing campaign to promote the show. Katz and Horizon collaborated to create two targeted campaigns for NBC that promote the debut, the first talk-show to air in primetime broadcast television five nights a week. The result is comedy traffic reports and fixed-position comedy spots on the :10s. Both are intended to maximize exclusive exposure for NBC.

“Radio has the incredible flexibility to be tailored to an advertiser’s unique needs—opening the door for creativity and innovation,” said Bob McCurdy, President of Katz Marketing Solutions, the marketing arm of the Katz Media Group. “We can transform the medium to perfectly complement a promotion and we have the resources and tools to customize a campaign for any advertiser. This is an exciting opportunity to work with NBC and Horizon Media, and contribute our expertise in implementing these groundbreaking programs.”

 “This fall, Jay Leno is shaking up the traditionally dramatic 10 p.m. hour (9 p.m. CT) with his distinctive brand of comedy,” said Kathy Begley, Vice President, Managing Director, Local Buying, Radio/Promotions, Horizon Media. “And Horizon is always ready to go beyond traditional advertising models to get NBC noticed with bold and innovative ideas.” 

The two campaigns support the premiere of “The Jay Leno Show” on Monday, September 14. Beginning today, Leno comedy bits, intended to lighten listeners’ drive, will run with traffic reports in NBC’s top 12 markets nationwide.

“This unique in-content execution is a perfect way to drive home the new timeslot and target non-comedic programming with a jolt of humor,” said Brian Dailey, Vice President, Brand Group Director, Horizon Media. “We’re excited to watch as our strategic collaboration with Katz Marketing Solutions, on behalf of NBC, will engage consumers and drive tune-in.”

Next Monday, September 14, a second Leno program featuring additional comedy spots will be introduced by local DJs and run in a fixed position at 10 minutes after the hour to promote Jay’s new 10 p.m. timeslot. The campaign will air in NBC’s top 25 markets. The team worked with key radio stations to change their programming and traffic clocks to run custom segments. These segments will air alone as part of the show’s content, separated from all other advertisers and sandwiched among station programming, music and chatter, on both the front and back end of the segment.

“In launching this radio marketing campaign, Horizon and Katz helped deliver media solutions that had to pass through two strategy filters,” said Ken Grayson, Senior Director, Media Planning, NBC. “The first was finding mundane moments in everyday life that could use a laugh from Leno, such as sitting in gridlock while listening to a local traffic report. The second was closely aligning Leno and the comedy with the number 10 to highlight his timeslot, hence the ‘comedy from Jay at 10 after the hour.’ Though I’d be remiss to not point out that the spots will run at 9 minutes after the hour in CST markets.”