Jubal Officially Exits Hubbard’s ‘Brooke & Jubal’


On December 10, 2019, Hubbard Radio’s Seattle station group selected Jeff Dubow to serve as the new Executive Producer for the highly successful Brooke & Jubal syndicated program, mostly heard in mornings across the country.

Dubow had been with flagship station KQMV-FM “Movin’ 92.5” in Seattle for nine years, and had been the Assistant Producer for the last seven years.

Now, Dubow will be co-hosting the program heard on KQMV and on more than 50 stations through Premiere Networks.

Jubal Fresh, a.k.a. Jubal Flagg, has formally exited the program.

News of Jubal’s exit became known Friday, largely thanks to veteran Chicago media reporter Robert Feder.

However, there were signs upon Dubow’s promotion that things were awry at the program. Extended rebroadcasts began in the fall of 2019, and Jubal has been absent from the show since the start of 2020.

He joined Movin’ in 2011, after a stint at iHeartMedia’s KBKS-FM “Kiss 106.1” in Seattle. Now, Jubal and his wife have entered the podcast realm.

Among the affiliates of the Brooke & Jubal show is WSHE-FM 100.3 in Chicago, a Hubbard property.

According to Feder, the show is being rebranded Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning, with executive producer Dubow now alongside Brooke Fox. Jose Bolanos will remain a “regular contributor.”

“We’re very excited about the new show,” Jeff England, Hubbard Radio Chicago market manager, said in a statement to Feder. “We strive to provide outstanding and engaging entertainment for our listeners. Brooke, Jeffrey and Jose will continue to deliver on that goal.”

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  1. Stupid stupid mistake. It’s not even funny anymore. Jeffery isn’t even funny to over the top. Myself and a lot of others won’t be listening anymore!

    • Jubal was the ONLY reason I listened to the radio period in the morning. Now that he’s gone, there’s no need for me to listen to Brooke and Jeffrey in the morning….Sad!! I want to hear Jubal, now they’re playing Jubal’s old phone taps….NO ONE CAN DO THE PHONE TAPS, BUT JUBAL!!

  2. Hey, Best wishes to Jubal and all his pursuits! It has been beyond the best in radio entertainment.

    I hope you’ll give Brooke an crew, a chance! She has earned it!

  3. This sucks!! Gonna miss ya Jubal!! I was hoping it was just because of the Covid and Jubal wasn’t coming into the office but without Jubal im sorry but there’s no show!!! They can try but I’ve listened a few times and it’s just weird and doesn’t sound right. Jeff was cool
    to here from every now and again but to listen to him all morning just doesn’t work at all and its not funny. Can they turn his mic down a little or something he’s so loud at 6 am i just cant do it. Sorry but all good things come to an end and 92.5 wont even be on my programmed stations anymore!!!

  4. The fact I texted in a few weeks ago asking where Jubal was and Brooke straight up lied. How you gonna lie to your listeners? Why do these stations always have to fix something that isn’t broken. Sucks. And the still use his material! They did the same thing to Lydia Cruz. What a shady station. Lost a long time listener.

  5. I doubt Jeffrey will fill those shoes. I don’t care for Jeffrey I hated his segment on Fridays! I actually live in Los Angeles, and would listen to the show on the internet since I moved back from Seattle. Will miss Jubal and will no longer listen to Movin 92.5 🙁

  6. Yep I’m out it’s not funny at all Jubal made the show I’ve switched to another station not owned by Hubbard radios I won’t support them. I like jose and Brooke but just not keeping my attention anymore.

  7. An open letter to the “Brooke and JUBAL show”: Wow, thank you for the announcement of Jubal’s departure. The show absolutely SUCKS without Jubal. You guys maybe trying but, in truth, you are FAR less talented than you seem to think you are. Please swallow your pride and quit, bring in someone TALENTED to lead the Show, or drop Chicago from syndication so our station can bring in a talented and entertaining Show. Thank you for your time.

  8. The show is Not Good What did you Due to Jubal!!!!Young Jeffery Sucks his Song of the week Suck He cannot fill Jubal’s Shoes Not even Close, not sure if I;m going to keep listening ??? Cita

  9. Reminds me of when the T-Man left KUBE 93.3 and it went all downhill from there for that radio station. Jubal was the show.

  10. Yeah been Listening since 2011, I guess all good things come to an end sometime. Why am I not surprised it was Jeff a.k.a. young Jeffrey that causes doable to quit. What a wanker, he has the personality of a dead shoe. Adios never listening again!

  11. Sorry Jeffery but you are not good at the 2nd date segement you dont let it play out amongst other criticisms and just no no,no. Jubal will be missed you need to revamp show because it was jubal’s show

  12. Hey all, Jeffery is pretty funny with the song of the week and the small jokes he does during the week, but I can’t help but agree with most of the comments here. Jubal was definitely the flagship of the show. I am from Ottawa Ontario Canada and listen to the Brooke and Jubal show on 106.9 jump fm. Now I am 46 years old and the music 106.9 plays is more geared to my kids, but the show was the main reason for listening. Not sure how much more I’ll be tuning in. To bad, that show is what made the drive to work bearable.
    Really hope the podcast rises to the top Jubal, will be tuning in.

  13. listened for years for TWO Reasons Brook and Jubal
    Recommended the show to countless NOT ANYMORE DONE

  14. Dam Jubal you gonna be miss thats for sure, you need to go to a different station bring back brook n jubal with jose or wherever you at bro keep us posted will turn to your station. Just not the same without Jubal.

  15. Wow extremely disappointed. I’ve only been listening for about a year in Canada but once I heard a phone tap I was hooked and quickly discovered all the other amazing things about the show, such as second dates and awkward Tuesday phone calls and it quickly became my favourite on energy 95.3.. I loved the way the cast was set up with jubal being the go to guy with Brooke and Jose by his side making a great trio. I recently started noticing young Jeffrey doing second dates for awhile now and was hopeful jubal would be back. So much for my fav station as it no longer will be my station. I loved this show as it would always be a good laugh at work. Young Jeffrey just simply can’t provide the energy and excitement this show had before with jubal. Sounds like another case of a big shot trying to come in thinking he knows what’s best and trying to be a super hero changing the show.

  16. WOW Only listened because of Jubal. Rest of the show is lame and not any where it was. No longer a listener

  17. I started listening from IN a few years ago and it was because of Jubal. He truly made the show. I have continued listening and enjoyed Jeffrey in the past but not as the replacement. The show does not work for me and I have begun listening to another show. Good luck but Jeffrey is a horrible choice … yawn!

  18. This is one of the biggest mistakes in Radio. Jubal was everything. Jeffrey has no clue. He is not funny. I think Jeffrey knows that Jeffrey is not funny.

    I also believe that Brooke should leave that show and join Jubal wherever he is because they were a good team.

    Jubal was one of the most funniest hosts and very creative

  19. Hi I too started listening about 2 years ago as our radio station “layed off” the radio hosts.Took me while to get back to
    listen to Jump 105.9 in Ottawa,Ontario but they won my heart and ears.I laughed so many times out loud I can’t count.
    Jubal’s different voice of people was spot on.His stoner voice was spot on and always a good laugh. I too had been wondering if Jubal was first on vacation,then maybe Covid but just heard this morning”Brooke and Jeffrey” ahhh now the pieces of the puzzle are coming together….but not in a good way.I too love Brooke and Jose but without Jubal I will be listening to another station from today on.The 3 were such a good compliment to each other.Who EVER made that decision should be fired ASAP… Obviously they have NO concept of a good thing.Way to go to make your ratings drop,tank,disappear,bomb….how ever you want to say it.
    Hope some really smart Radio Station picks him up ASAP…would love to hear him again.
    Stay safe everyone!

  20. Sooooooo sorry to hear Hubal is gone! Jubal was THE show- soso funny and quick witted! Loved listening to his antics and it won’t be the same without him. I’m sure with his talemts, he will pop up somewhere SOON. Best of luck, Jubal- you will come up on top!

  21. I’m a long time fan of Brooke & Jubal in the morning and I’m sad to hear that Jubal’s left. But, have any of you actually listened to the podcasts he’s making with his wife now? I didn’t find them funny. I hope he finds a medium from which to work that will showcase his comedic talent. The youtube podcasts are not that medium. I still think Brooke & Jeffrey in the morning is funny. The unfortunate and sad fact of the matter is that the show is still funny without Jubal. Jubal is not that funny without the show.

  22. The show sucks.!!!Jubal made the show .Have been listening to him for many years. Love the phone taps , they made my mornings. Will miss him .Guess the search is on to find another station. Please BRING HIM BACK!!!!

  23. The show SUCKED this morning. Jeffrey is a condescending prick on the second date updates and doesn’t have any comedic timing. I used to put up with the crappy repetitive music just for Jubal’s comedy bits. They will lose a majority of the listeners in the next few months.

  24. Show was really good with them all together. Jubal honestly made the show. Listening for 3 years and its crazy to think that the producer had something to do with his leaving. The show seems forced and they keep getting skits from the “VAULT”. Suck it up and bring him back. So long to the show. I will be looking elsewhere for my morning listening. Thanks for ruining a good thing Debow.

  25. I have listen to Brooke and Jubal in the morning for years. Great to listen to when I drove my kids to school. As of late I was wondering if Jubal was gone on vacation or it was the Covid issue. Today I found out he has exited the program. Very sad, he did make the show. I will find another station

  26. I was hoping Jubal was on vacation but just found out it’s permanent. That sucks. I tune in for the repeat phone taps and then shut it off. Jeffrey sucks and has no business being a radio host. Pretty big shoes to fill and Jeffrey has booties, he ruins the 2nd date update segments.

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