NBC Affiliate Morning Anchor Reveals Absence Reason


The University of Missouri at Columbia-owned NBC affiliate that has been home to a morning show anchor since becoming a desk assistant in January 2014 has revealed that his absence since May 27 is due to partial facial paralysis linked to a condition known as Bell’s Palsy.

Jordan Berger on Thursday (6/20) shared that, following a weekend of “painful spotty headaches” and what he thought may have been an ear infection, he woke up on Memorial Day not being able to move the right half of his face. “Fearing the worst, I was rushed to the ER at University Hospital,” he said in a statement to KOMU-8 in Columbia, Mo.

Berger was evaluated by the hospital’s stroke team. He did not have a stroke, but was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, an unexplained episode of facial muscle weakness or paralysis, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. It begins suddenly and can get worse over 48 hours, but it is temporary.

Berger shared that he has been experiencing pain in his cheek and jaw bones and tires easily when speaking for long periods of time. As a result, Berger’s doctors suggested he take some time off to focus on his recovery. “I sincerely miss being able to bring you the news every morning with Sara and Beth,” Berger said, “but I hope to be back at the anchor desk as soon as possible!”


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