“Jeff Young in the Morning” launching 3/16


Dial Global’s Hot Country morning show “Young and Verna” will re-launch as “Jeff Young in the Morning,” as Verna McKay is leaving the duo.

“Verna did a great job for Dial Global. But our Hot Country format will now feature more music, plus a variety of sidekicks, not just one,” Dial Global EVP Programming Beau Phillips tells RBR.

Specifically, the show will feature a fresh cast of characters to bring extra sizzle to the show.  Among those joining Jeff will be Nashville insider Linda Fuller; nationally syndicated entertainment reporter Jimmy Carter; Dick Bergrenn with inside-the-pit NASCAR news; and Fox News commentator and relationship guru Cooper Lawrence, to name just a few. 

Jeff Young joined Dial Global in 1994 after many years as both a PD and morning show personality at some of America’s most respected major market stations: KUFO, Portland; KFXM/KDUO-FM, San Bernardino-Riverside; KZFX, Houston, WBLI, New York; KYA-FM, San Francisco; and KFI, Los Angeles.

“Jeff Young in the Morning” will place more emphasis on the music that makes Hot Country special and the artists that create it.  Beginning next week, we’ll be incorporating more artist participation and interaction into the show, with some of Country’s biggest names hanging out on the morning show with Jeff and company.