Jacobs TechSurvey 12 is a Feast of Information


Jacobs-Tech-SurveyJacobs Media has released its 12th annual national Web study of radio listeners and there are familiar themes (king of the car) and interesting implications for the future (smartphones). Here are all the highlights…

Jacobs Media has released its 12th annual national Web study of radio listeners (TechSurvey 12). Here are the key findings:

* More than eight in 10 respondents now own a smartphone and two-thirds now have a tablet
* Nearly half of respondents own a Smart TV or one connected with a device like Apple TV or Chromecast — up from 41% last year
* Nearly six in 10 stream audio weekly or more often — flat from last year
* Almost three in 10 have listened to a podcast or on-demand audio in the past month, up from last year’s levels
* One-fifth drive a car with an in-media system like Ford SYNC or Chrysler UConnect.
* Only 4% of respondents own a smartwatch
* 20% of total radio station usage is digital, up from 17% last year.
* 35% of respondents knew about FM radio chips built into smartphone, up from 24% last year

Reasons given by respondents for why they like radio:

* Hearing favorite songs (64%)
* Particular DJs, hosts, or shows (58%)
* Regular behavior e.g. “like to work with radio” (55%)
* “in the habit” at (51%)
* “keeps me company” at (47%)

Radio is clearly still “king in the car.” Half the respondents said they did most or all of their AM/FM radio listening in the car, with 93% saying they listen to the radio in the car on an average workday. Radio holds a 66% share of in-car listening on a typical weekday, with both personal music and satellite radio well behind at 10% each. And while 88% of new-car buyers said having an AM/FM radio is very important, 66% said the same of a smartphone connector. Almost two-thirds of the respondents (64%) are able to connect a smartphone or iPod to their vehicles.

Half of the respondents said they never listen to podcasts or on-demand audio, while 8% listen monthly, 11% weekly, and 9% daily. However, 27% saying they listen more than they did last year.