Indianapolis radio vet robbed at gunpoint


Kelly Vaughn, longtime radio personality and news reporter/anchor in Indianapolis at WYXB-FM, WTLC-FM and WNTR-FM (formerly WTPI), was robbed at gunpoint last week after she pulled into a relative’s driveway after 11 p.m. 5/8. She waited a few minutes before getting out of her car. The engine seemed to be making a funny, so she sat there a few minutes in a subdivision revving her engine and listening.

Finally, she turned off the key and prepared to exit the car, but then she heard a tap at her driver’s side window. She assumed it was one of her relatives until, looking up, she saw the barrel of a handgun pointed at her. A man wearing a mask ordered her to open her door.

“At that moment, you’re suddenly trying to think quickly about what are your options,” Kelly told The Indianapolis Star. “I could have refused to open the door, but when somebody has a gun pointed in your direction, you think you probably should do what he says.”

An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report states that Vaughn told officers the mask reminded her of the Green Hornet superhero.

“He asked me, ‘Do you got any money?’” Vaughn told the paper. “Usually, I don’t carry cash at all, but that day I happened to be carrying $250, which I gave to him. He said, ‘What else you got?’ So I kept digging in my purse. You’re wondering, is he going to leave at some point or shoot me? I figured the longer I could give him gifts, the longer I had to survive.”

Vaughn remembered she had a portable Walkman-style CD player lying in the floor of her car. She offered it to the man. Unimpressed, he passed on it. Finally, he left — after cheerily telling her to have a good night, the story said.

Rather than approach the front door of her relative’s home, Vaughn backed her car out of the driveway, went to a nearby convenience store and called police to meet her at that location. The robbery case remains under investigation. Vaughn currently hosts shows on WHMB-TV.

See the Indianapolis Star story here.