If a translator falls in the wilderness…


Or, if a translator interferes with a station and nobody hears it, is it really interference? Living Way Ministries was initially prohibited from building an FM translator in Sun Valley CA due to interference with noncommercial KUSC-FM out of Los Angeles.

But as petitions and protests seeking reconsideration and prevention flew in both directions, the interference standards apparently were relaxed. Not that there won’t be interference. Living Way said all along, however, that it would occur in an unpopulated area. However, aerial photography revealed “four smokestacks.” That was all it took for the FCC to deny the application – the possibility that citizens at what appeared to be a workplace would lose service.

However, under the new definitions, there would be a smaller area of potential interference, and the smokestacks are no longer in play. So LWM gets its translator over the objections of NRP and the San Bernardino Community College District.