Hulu eclipses Yahoo in online viewing


HuluHulu has just passed Yahoo in the number of online videos watched by viewers last month and is now second to YouTube, according to the latest online video rankers by comScore. Hulu, co-owned by Disney, News Corp. and NBCU, generated more than 887 million videos in May topping Yahoo with 845 million. The average Hulu viewer consumed 253.7 minutes of video, delivering more than 1.6 billion online ads. That is compared to 1.4 billion ads by YouTube.

Hulu generated 25.6 million unique viewers in May compared to 180.5 million viewers for YouTube. So, while YouTube still attracts the most eyeballs to largely user-generated free or promotional material, Hulu is getting the most dollars from advertisers per online viewer. The average Hulu viewer (including subscription VOD subsidiary Hulu Plus) was subjected to 55.5 ad spots compared to 18.6 ad spots per YouTube viewer.

The average online viewer watched 21.9 hours of video content, with YouTube (7.7 hours) and Hulu (4.2 hours) earning the highest average engagement among the top 10 video sites.