How to Quadruple Your Local Direct Sales


Wake up, smell the coffee, and start selling a new way!

What if you could learn how to improve your local direct sales techniques, and as a result, score bigger sales the rest of the year and beyond?

Would that help make your station budget — and increase your bank account as well?

What if you could learn all of that and have fun doing it?

The Hispanic Radio Conference is pleased to present a special session by renowned sales guru Paul Weyland on Wednesday, March 13, at 8:30am.

Rise and shine — we’ll have breakfast ready and the coffee on at 7:45 so you can grab a bite, enjoy the java, and secure a front row seat for this sales career-changing session packed with fresh ideas and new approaches.

How to Quadruple Your Local Direct Sales

In this session, Paul Weyland will reveal two new game-changing discoveries that will make you look like a genius and improve the way your local direct clients think about advertising and marketing. Armed with these new insights, you will get more appointments with local decisionmakers, and you’ll have the information and confidence you need to quadruple the amount of money you’re asking your clients to spend on your stations and close more long-term business.

No disclaimers. No cliched commercials. No tired on-air promos. No ineffective banner ads. Just proven, effective advertising that gets results. And because it is a Paul Weyland session, you will have a great time while you’re learning, laughing until the tears run down your face and your cheeks hurt. This is a must-attend session for senior and new account executives and managers, as well as programming, production, promotion, and digital directors.

About Paul Weyland
An international speaker, humorist, marketing, branding and sales strategist, consultant, trainer, author, and university lecturer, Weyland started in the late 1970s as a radio personality and went on to prove himself on the street as a leading broadcast salesperson, specializing in long-term local direct sales. Weyland made a name for himself speaking to and working in executive-level positions in the television and radio business, including a three-year assignment managing and training overseas broadcasters in Prague, Geneva, and London. In 2000 he started his own marketing and consulting business. Since then he has been featured in sales symposiums worldwide, including sessions with the NAB, Europe Radio Days, and with virtually every state broadcast association in the United States. Weyland’s speaking style is described as “dynamic,” “inspirational,” “engaging,” and “hysterically funny.” His humor and real-world experience combine to create relevant tools people and organizations can implement immediately to increase their bottom lines.

About the Hispanic Radio Conference
The Hispanic Radio Conference is the only conference dedicated solely to Hispanic radio. Now in its 10th year, the conference attracts the industry’s key leadership in management, sales, and programming, whose combined audience reaches approximately 95 percent of the 59+ million Hispanics in this country.


Hispanic Radio Conference
March 12-13, 2019
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