Heckuva hire for KOA Denver


Clear Channel’s clear channel Blowtorch of the West KOA-AM is handing over its weeknight 7PM-10PM shift to Michael Brown – the same Michael Brown whose name is inextricably tied to FEMA and Katrina.

KOA, which blasts out its 50 kilowatts from 850 kHz on the dial, is Denver’s top News-Talker, with Rush Limbaugh sandwiched in between a lineup of local hosts.

KOA said it had a number of candidates for the position, and Brown won the post. He will continue to teach a class at the University of Denver as he begins his radio gig.

Brown said he will be one voice in the media that will know better than to jump on the bandwagon when some unfortunate person suddenly is the target of general vilification. According to TalkingPointsMemo, he said he’ll be the one to say, “Let’s wait a second and look at what else might be going on.”