Glenn Beck apologizes for offensive remarks about India


U.S.-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) accepts the apology issued by Fox News’ Glenn Beck for his disparaging remarks about India’s religious heritage. Beck had made these remarks after watching a video testimonial of  Karlyn Zimbelman, an American who underwent a successful hip replacement surgery in India recently. Beck went on to insult the River Ganges, holy to a billion Hindus worldwide.
USINPAC had immediately condemned the remarks by Glenn Beck as offensive and in poor taste and demanded an apology. USINPAC had been overwhelmed by the response to its action alert from Indians and Indian American community. Beck today addressed the issue and his previous comment that Ganges River “sounds like a disease,” and conveyed that he “didn’t mean to offend anybody”.

USINPAC Chairman, Sanjay Puri said that “Glenn Beck has issued a brief apology about his comments on the Ganges River but his apology does not go far enough in addressing the core issue of his long rant that mocked India, its education and health care system as well as Indian American Physicians in the US who were educated in that medical system. Glenn Beck owes an explanation about his outburst since a lot of his 3 million viewers take his opinions seriously.”