FTC Puts the Squeeze on Cactus Juice Scam


FTC / Federal Trade CommissionInfomercials were a big part of the marketing scheme to get consumers to buy cactus juice – consumers who were hoping to reap the benefits which were claimed but were also unsupported by scientific fact.

The product was Nopalea.

The company selling it was TriVita Inc.

TriVita said its product “would treat a variety of health problems,” but according to FTC, lacked any evidence to support its claims.

Almost 500,000 checks are about to go in the mail bringing restitution to purchasers of the products.

The checks vary in amount depending on the extent of the damage to each individual consumer, but on average, nobody is going to get rich in this FTC action.

The total amount being mailed is $3 million, or $6 per check.