From The Top Of The Gorilla Building … iHeart and Fallon


The nation’s No. 1 owner of radio stations is doing its part to bring holiday cheer to Midtown Manhattan by hosting a “Holiday Pop Up Party” that for 2023 will feature the host of NBC’s Tonight Show and is presented by State Farm.

The event, scheduled for Tuesday (12/19) at 6:45pm Eastern in New York, will see Jimmy Fallon at the Empire State Building as WHTZ (Z100)-based air personality Elvis Duran hosts a broadcast that will air on a slight delay across a group of iHeartMedia-owned radio stations.

While holiday music is the focal point of the events, it also serves as a launching pad for a song featuring Fallon’s vocal abilities from Epic Records star Meghan Trainor, “Wrap Me Up.”

While Fallon will flip the switch to kick off a special light show atop the iconic New York skyscraper, now a regular occurrence, he’ll chat with Duran for a 15-minute mini-special airing at 9pm Eastern (except in New York) on iHeart’s Adult Contemporary, Hot Adult Contemporary and Top 40 stations across the U.S.

In New York, at 7pm iHeartMedia will flex its muscles by playing “Wrap Me Up” at the same time on Z100, WLTW “106.7 Lite FM,” and on WKTU; this will be synced to the light show atop the Empire State Building not just on December 19 but every night through Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, there’s a Fallon-helmed “kickoff” that sees him takeover iHeartRadio AC and all-Christmas stations for an hour at 6pm Eastern on Monday (12/18).

Fallon quipped, “I’m not used to this ‘music side’ of show business so when someone told me that this song was going to the top, I never imagined it being on the 103rd floor of the Empire State Building.”

Fallon was born and raised in the Ulster County town of Saugerties, N.Y. As such, he says, “Seeing the holiday light show to my song ‘Wrap Me Up’ with Meghan Trainor on the top of the Empire State Building every night until Christmas is beyond my wildest dreams.”