Fox Thursday repeats with 'Bones' takes third-place


FOX aired encores of BONES at 8p (1.6/5) and FRINGE at 9p (1.4/4) last night.

ABC ran a repeat Wipeout (1.8/6) at 8p, followed by an original Rookie Blue (1.8/5) and the summer finale of Nightline Prime: Secrets of Your Mind: Why We Do What We Do (1.3/4).

NBC ran repeats of Community (1.4/5), 30 Rock (1.6/5), The Office (2.0/6), Community (1.9/5), and Law & Order: SVU (1.8/5).

CBS aired week nine of Big Brother (3.3/11) at 8p, followed by repeats of CSI (2.7/8) and The Mentalist (2.0/6) at 9p and 10p.

NOTE: Ratings for  all networks are inflated and approximate due to local NFL Pre-Season pre-emptions.    

Live+Same Day Nielsen Ratings

(source: FOX)